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Floral POS Florist Point of Sale Software by IRIS. Where Elegance Meets Simplicity.

Powerful Floral POS System Designed by Florists.

Thousands Of Requests Rolled Into One.

IRIS florist software is designed for the unique needs of a flower shop.
Florist Specific. Works Offline. Fully Customizable.

"Top Rated Florist Software"

Your Fully Customizable Floral POS

Introducing IRIS Product Pads. Order Entry Your Way.
IRIS allows you to customize the layout of your product screen for the fastest checkout ever. Enter orders with NO scrolling. Touch screen compatible.

  • Create your own product pads for holidays, occasions or any category.
  • Control where your buttons are positioned on the screen.
  • Change button colors & names.
  • Display real time inventory counts on each product button.
  • Add discounts by line item, customer, recipient or to the entire order.
  • Accept any payment method including split payments.
  • Multi-order capable. Enter multiple deliveries or pick-ups at one time on one transaction.
  • IRIS supports multi-stores. Transfer orders, deliveries and stock.
  • Supports barcode scanning & image lookups.
  • Manage user accounts and permissions.
  • Track house accounts & outstanding balances.
  • Take payments on account with our integrated billing center.
  • Works on Windows & MAC.
  • Perfect for touch screen computers.
  • Works with NO Internet connection.
  • Powerful data importing. Import customers, products, hot spots, delivery charges & more from another floral POS.

Florist POS Product Pads

IRIS Product Pads. Order Done.

IRIS Product pads are also great if you sell more than just flowers. Add items to a sale in just seconds.

( Tap. Ring. Cha-ching. )

Floral POS Product Pad Buttons

We Understand That Each Flower Shop Is Unique.

That's why IRIS floral POS allows you to customize how your florist POS works. Design your own product entry layout. Customize your tax and delivery charges for delivery orders. Enable things like "Smart Fields" that get you through order entry without even having to click the "TAB" key.

  • Curious Yet?

Oh, IRIS Works Offline Too. No Internet. No Problem.

Don't panick if you lose your Internet connection on Valentine's Day.

IRIS is still 60% usable so you don't have to turn away business.

( Like with a lot of those other floral POS systems )

By the way, did You Know IRIS Comes In Two Flavors?

You can change the theme of IRIS Floral POS at any time.

Choose what's best for your eyes...and mood.


Go Dark w/ IRIS Midnight

I'm feeling pretty cool.

Floral POS Dark

Go Light w/ IRIS Pearl

It's dark, turn on the lights.

Floral POS Light

What Else Have We Got?

IRIS is a floral POS. Take delivery, pick-up and wire orders with ease. Manage inventory and events.

It comes with tons of integrations and all of the features you would expect in your floral POS software.

Deliveries, Pick-ups & Wire Orders...Oh My.

Don't worry. IRIS does it all.

One screen. All the trimmings.
IRIS provides all of the features a florist needs for the job right at your fingertips. Taking complicated orders has never been easier.

  • Search or add new customers to an order.
  • View customer order history at a glance.
  • View sales statistics, open balances, sales averages & more while taking an order.
  • Process a separate payment on account during a sale in progress.
  • Duplicate an entire order with one click or choose specific products from a past transaction.
  • View a customer's past recipients and add them to an order with one click.
  • Use the 'Hot Spots Module' to save your frequent locations like hospitals & funeral homes.
  • Track your funeral orders with our built-in funeral manager.
  • Easily add & style card messages w/ our card message suite. ( Supports acronyms and keyboard shortcuts )
  • Integrated address verification. Find & verify recipient addresses while typing.
  • Real-time mapping. View destinations on a map while taking a delivery.
  • Distance display. IRIS will show you the distance from your shop to a recipient's location.
  • Enter delivery dates, time & instructions for your orders.
  • Advanced delivery charge management. Set up your delivery charges by zip code, distance, customer profile, recipient, hot spot, funeral home, fixed rate & more.
  • Tax by destination feature. IRIS offers real time, automatic tax lookups based on where a delivery is going.

Florist Software Delivery

What Kind Of Paper Does IRIS Print On? Everything.

IRIS Floral POS supports delivery / superticket ticket printing on all industry standard layouts.

Dove, Eagle, FTD, RTI, designer worksheets & enclosure cards are all supported. IRIS also prints pick-up, wire-in and wire-out tickets.

Print stock is provided by John Henry Company but you can use plain paper if you wish.

Worried about your Internet connection? Don't be.

Picture this. You have customers standing in line. It's a holiday. All of a sudden your Internet goes down. ( Don't think it can't happen to you. ) Will your current floral POS still work? IRIS does.

IRIS Floral POS is a Hybrid application which means it doesn't need the Internet to work. It will switch into "offline mode" automatically if your connection ever goes down. That means you can still service your customers instead of wondering why you chose your current floral POS system.

Anywhere Access. Anytime.

Always know what's happening in your store with the mobile IRIS Insight app.

Not in the shop? Need to know what's happening?
IRIS Insight is our mobile app that gives you access to reports, employee shifts and key data from any device.

  • Quickly view reports to know what's happening in your shop.
  • View employee shifts & status.
  • Monitor who's logged into your system at any time.
  • Administer logins & security from any mobile device.
  • Easily view orders for any given date range.
  • Keep track of product inventory.
  • ... and much, much more.

Florist Software Reports

  • So What Do I Do?

Everybody Asks, What's The Support Like?

Second to none. And it's Free. You even get a dedicate rep assigned to your account. And yes, we answer the phone.

The level of support you deserve.

We pride ourselves on customer service. Just ask any one of our florists. When you need us, we are here to give you the personal attention you need.

You'll always reach our friendly staff here in our local NY office. A dedicated a rep is always assigned to your account so they get to know you and how you run your shop. When you call support, you get the same person each time who understands your unique needs.

Support request...DONE.

Let's do this! Try IRIS for free on us for 14 days.

No credit card. No contract. No commitment required.

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