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We've Been Providing Florist Software To the
Independent Florist For Over A Decade.

10 Years & Counting

Florist Software For The Independent Florist

We've been around for a long time.
We are a technology company that loves florists.

Who We Are

A Floral Industry Leader In Independent Florist Websites, Floral POS & Florist Software.

Since we started, IRIS has been providing florists with cutting edge florist technology as an alternative to the dreaded wire services. When we began, there were very few independent florist software solutions available. We originally started as a simple network with more cost effective options to send and receive orders. As we progressed, there was an increased demand for websites and afforable floral point of sale.

During the last several years, we have evolved as a company by now exclusively offering retail florist software as opposed to a floral network. We are now on our 3rd and best version of IRIS. We have collaborated with hundreds of florists across the country taking suggestions, listening to their concerns and working with them hands on to delivery the best florist retail software possible.

What makes us different?

We listen to our florists.

A product is only as good as how well you listen to your customers. We take suggestions from our members on a weekly basis and use them to constantly improve the IRIS florist software platform.

IRIS has become an ongoing and collaborative effort between our developers and flower shops. Online meetings are frequently held to discuss features, design and implementation to ensure the best florist software on the market.

And What Makes Us Better?

Beautiful design. Hard to find features. The best service possible.

We offer in-house support, development and customer service. Nothing is ever outsourced which means you get the best product possible.
When you become a member, you get a dedicated rep exclusively assigned to your account.
Whenever you call, you get the same person. They get to know you, your shop and how you do business which leads to a faster support call with quick resolutions.

Our developers are also on premises which gets you faster bug fixes and new features on a regular basis.

Let's do this! Try IRIS for free on us for 14 days.

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