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Florist Software Integrations You Need
To Run Your Flower Shop.

Integrations Galore

Florist Software Integrations

We understand what it takes to run a flower shop.
Our Florist Software Solution offers several integrations to meet your needs.

WordPress / WooCommerce

Is Your Website Built in WordPress?
Then we've got good news. IRIS Florist Software connects directly to WooCommerce.

  • No WordPress plug-ins needed.
  • Simple configuration. Just enable the REST API.
  • IRIS listens for new orders automatically.
  • Website sales totals are tracked inside of IRIS.
  • Print receipts, super-tickets, worksheets & enclosure cards for web orders.
  • Import orders directly into your IRIS floral POS.
Florist Software Integrations - WooCommerce


Florist Software Integrations - Shopify

Using Shopify As Your Web Platform?
No worries. IRIS Florist Software connects to that too.

  • Connect to the Shopify API in minutes.
  • Automatically import and print new orders.
  • Track sales figures inside of IRIS.
  • All popular floral print stock supported.
Florist Software Integrations - Shopify

Big Commerce

How About Big Commerce?
Yep. IRIS Florist Software has you covered.

  • Simple set up. Get up and running in a few minutes.
  • Automatic order import & print options.
  • Configurable. Add specialized fields needed for a flower shop.
  • Compatible with all John Henry print stock.
Florist Software Integrations - Big Commerce


Florist Software Integrations - 3dCart

Still Not Enough? How About 3dCart?
You bet. IRIS Florist Software even integrates with that.

  • Simple set up. Configure directly through IRIS.
  • Automatically import and print orders.
  • No additional plug-ins needed.
Florist Software Integrations - 3dCart

By The Way...

All of our florist software website integrations offer some great additional options. You can import and print your orders automatically. Receive emails and text messages when a new order arrives. Even track your website sales inside your IRIS reports.

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But What If I Need Help? Breathe Easy.

The IRIS support team is well versed on all of our florist software integrations.

We will help you hands on or work directly with your web designer.

Still Need More?

We're not done yet.

IRIS has a few more florist software integrations for your shop.

QuickBooks Online

You Use QuickBooks You Say?
IRIS Florist Software syncs your data automatically.

  • Robust configuration. Set up your mappings directly in IRIS.
  • View your QBO chart-of-accounts directly from the IRIS backend.
  • IRIS can automatically sync with QBO daily or you can do your batches manually.
  • Sync customer accounts and open invoices.
Florist Software Integrations - QuickBooks Online

Flower Shop Network

Florist Software Integrations - Shopify

Need To Wire Orders?
IRIS integrates with one of the best independent services in the business.

  • Connect to Flower Shop Network in minutes.
  • Wire-out orders directly through IRIS.
  • Choose your receiving shop or let FSN decide for you.
  • Receive wire-in orders automatically.
  • Print super-tickets & worksheets for incoming orders.
  • Receive orders directly into IRIS from your FSN website.
  • Stay on top of outstanding wire balances with our built-in wire service reconciler.
Florist Software Integrations - Shopify

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