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Since our beginning, we've stood behind the floral industry.
We've dedicated ourselves to providing an affordable alternative to the wire services.

We Didn't Start As Florists

It's True. We Didn't Start Out In the Floral Industry.

You may or may not know this, but we didn't start out as florists. We are tech people who entered the industry by accident. We literally had no knowledge of flowers or what it takes to run a flower shop. After consulting with a few florists who expressed their frustration with the industry and pointing out some of the ongoing problems, we decided to look into it.

As experienced engineers, we knew developing the technology was not an issue. It was learning the floral industry from the inside out. After serveral years of trial and error, listening to our florists and working our asses off, IRIS has evolved into one of the leading florist software providers in the world.

This is how we help florists, by providing florist websites, floral POS and florist software solutions. So here we are after nearly a decade. Helping florists all over the world has become our passion. We continue to grow as company offering bigger and better technology each year. We will continue our pledge in helping to guide the floral industry in the right direction towards florist independence and away from the wire services that have plagued it for years.

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